Create animations using 2D video with Kinetix

November 30, 2022

Sado Rabaudi

Kinetix is a new AI based solution that allows the creation of animations for avatars using a simple 2D video with no coding needed. These animations can be attached to avatars from Mixamo or ReadyPlayerMe and used inside your Vizard application in VR. These will be full body animations and also include finger movement. You can use footage that has multiple actors to create multiple animations. Facial morphs are additionally planned for the future. Below are the steps you can follow to create your animation. 

  • Capture your 2D video footage of an animation that you wish to use. Note that it is best to use a tripod so that you have stable footage. A shaky shot will create a shaky looking avatar

  • Once you have your account click on “Create new project” 

  • Name your project and select “Add Animation” 

  • Either select a video from your computer or you can also add a web url to a video

  • Click “import” to add your video to the project
  • Once it is imported you can trim the length and crop the size of the video
  • Wait for it to process
  • At this point you can choose a different character if you’d like (or upload one of your own)
  • Click on the edit window to make any adjustments or add additional animations
  • To assign the animation to a specific character, click and drag the animation into the timeline next to that character’s name

  • To export your animation you need to be on the “edit” window and click “export”

  • When the download is ready you will receive an email with the file
  • Open the .glb file in Vizard’s Inspector (Tools-Inspector) to preview how it will look in Vizard and view the included animation states

  • You may need to check that the scale is correct (as Vizard uses meters). Click on the root transform node and then use the scale tool to adjust the avatar to be the right size (roughly around 1.8 to 2 meters usually)

  • To add the avatar to a Vizard script using the following code, where state is the number of the animation you wish to play.

    import viz
    import vizfx

    avatar = vizfx.addAvatar(‘avatarName.osgb’)

For more information see the documentation here

To see how you can use avatars and animations in your own VR application for research using Vizard or SightLab VR, please contact

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