Create Virtual Reality Eye Tracking Experiments With SightLab VR Software

June 8, 2021

Peter Schlueer, Sado Rabaudi

 WorldViz introduces SightLab VR, a drag and drop software tool for setting up eye tracking experiments in virtual reality. Utilize a GUI interface to build an interactive scene, run your experiment and review eye tracking data in minutes.

WorldViz has provided virtual reality R&D tools for over 20 years. With SightLab VR, anyone can now set up and run eye tracking experiments in VR.

“One of the challenges with performing research using virtual reality and eye tracking is the complexity of building the initial experiment. With built-in tools specifically for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR, SightLab VR got us up and running and doing our research in very little time with minimal effort!” - Joy Lee PHD, Maastricht University 

Researchers can gain insight into user experience and mental workload by measuring eye gaze, pupil size and fixation locations, as well as scan paths and interactions. Combining eye tracking with virtual reality offers subjects a natural environment, and allows researchers to design meaningful, ecologically valid experiments.These can be combined with BIOPAC biofeedback devices to measure more user experience data.

SightLab VR comes with built in tools and example scenes, such as the ability to replay a session in interactive playback mode alongside common eye tracking metrics, selecting areas of interest, saving out raw data, viewing 3D gaze paths, heatmaps and more. 

"We have always been at the forefront of VR for research, bringing meaningful solutions to the research community. Now anyone can set up an experiment in just minutes," says Matthias Pusch, CEO of WorldViz.

To learn more about SightLab VR visit our website and watch the video below.

SightLab VR and other WorldViz Software are available on Amazon

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