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April 5, 2019

Peter Schlueer

Do You Know Which VR Solution to Buy?

VR technologies are rapidly evolving, and you’re not alone struggling to decide what VR products are best suited to solve your problem, not to mention how to put it all together. The WorldViz team has 17 years of VR experience, and our experts know how to guide you toward a VR solution from discovery to final training.

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We serve as an end-to-end solutions provider, meaning we can deliver every aspect of a VR project from start to finish. That includes custom systems based on our VizMove product line, custom application design & development, integration, training, events and installation services, and support options.

If you're starting a virtual reality program or department in your organization, then we're the ones you should rely on. Visit our showcase page to see some exciting past projects.

Our best in class VR hardware device support allows us to integrate a wide array of peripheral devices plug-and-play to suit specific use cases. Custom solution options include integrated biofeedback tools, haptic devices, eye-tracking, data gloves, spatial audio solutions and more.

A user immersed in a WorldViz soup to nuts custom VR solution.

Custom Application Development Experts

WorldViz maintains a VR production studio for developing and deploying high-end virtual reality applications and experiences, proofs-of-concept, or even ongoing services to keep you current with your changing VR needs. We work closely with your team to deliver an application exactly to your specifications.

WorldViz has created a large range of applications, from research ready psychology experiments to step-by-step surgery simulations, virtual reality arcade games to sports training applications, architectural walkthroughs to manufacturing procedures. When needed, we augment our capabilities by employing subject matter experts for specific projects.

WorldViz will work closely with your team to advise and guide from both a creative and practical perspective. Our process for building full VR facilities, or creating a virtual reality application depends on how clearly you are able to articulate the problem you intend to solve using VR. If you are new to VR, we are able to provide creative consulting services to identify and develop concepts for VR applications as part of the overall application development process.

Please check out our case studies page for examples of advanced custom WorldViz VR solutions.

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