Eye Tracking Everywhere - Why Care?

March 13, 2019

Peter Schlueer & Andy Beall

WorldViz VR Software now Plug-And-Play with Pupil Labs Eye Tracker

We are pleased to announce the WorldViz Vizard 6 VR software platform now supports the Pupil Labs eye tracker. Plug-and-play via USB, strong and flexible, and including software for recording and playing, the Pupil Labs eye tracker lets you add eye tracking simply by snapping it onto your existing VR headset!

With Vizard, you can then quickly add eye tracking to your virtual scene, and perform analysis including recording and exporting of your data. Vizard also supports Tobii eye tracking, and we soon will add support for the new Vive Pro Eye.

Why should you care about eye tracking? Mostly discussed within the context of foveated rendering to optimize VR performance, there is a lot more to eye tracking as it relates to VR. In short, it’s becoming a ubiquitous human-machine interface, making our lives in VR a lot easier:

Eye tracking can be very useful for active VR input, making your tasks simpler and faster. Rather than pointing at or grabbing virtual objects, or pressing a virtual button, eye tracking allows users to simply look and grab. Especially for distant objects, that’s a huge improvement.

Also, for passively understanding user intent and focus, eye tracking helps you achieve greater control over your virtual environment. For example, by optimizing aim when throwing objects in VR: You can improve the trajectory by inferring where someone aims based on gaze.

Not to speak of applying eye tracking for collecting user data within VR based marketing research studies that analyze the consumer journey, and uncover how product ads, designs, and placements trigger buying decisions.

Last but not least, eye tracking is groundbreaking for collecting data on a myriad of scientific research applications that involve visual attention.

Please watch our video about the Vizard Pupil Labs integration!

Learn more about Pupil Labs VR/AR add-ons at https://pupil-labs.com/vr-ar and read about the WorldViz Vizard 6 VR platform at https://www.worldviz.com/vizard.

Please contact our expert team now at sales@worldviz.com to schedule a conversation about how you can make the most of eye tracking for your VR application!

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