February Tech Tip: Vizconnect Tracker Resets

February 25, 2015

Vizconnect provides reset options to account for mounting and heading offsets of orientation sensors. For example, a sensor that’s mounted upside down on an HMD needs to be reset so it reports data aligned with the HMD and user’s head. Heading resets are used to define a new virtual north for the orientation. This is commonly used to align the coordinate system of the orientation sensor with a different positional tracking system (e.g Inertial Orientation + PPT Position). Heading resets can either be done once and hardcoded into the config file or mapped to an input event and done on the fly while the application script is running. Hardcoding the offset is preferred when the offset is static. Using a static heading reset will not work if your tracker resets its heading each time it is initialized or if there is a large amount of drift.

All types of resets first require that the tracker has been added in the Tracker tab of Vizconnect. Press the tracker’s Offset 


 button to open the Offset dialog and perform either a Mounting Reset or Static Heading Reset. Press the tracker’s Mapping 


 button to map an input event to a heading reset. In the following image the keypress ‘R’ is mapped to reset the Oculus DK2’s heading:

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