Harnessing the Full Spectrum of Meta Quest Pro's Tracking Capabilities with Vizard and SightLab VR Pro

November 14, 2023

In recent times, the Meta Quest Pro has emerged as a robust tool for immersive mixed reality experiences. However, when combined with cutting-edge software like Vizard and SightLab VR Pro, it morphs into a comprehensive data gathering behemoth, especially in the realms of eye, face, hand, and body tracking. This synergy not only expands the horizons of what can be achieved in virtual reality (VR) but also simplifies the process of complex data visualization and analysis. This article comes with lots of great instructional videos, see the first video here!

Eye Tracking Experiments and Visualization

Creating Multi-User Eye Tracking Experiments Video

The Meta Quest Pro's sophisticated eye tracking technology, when interfaced with SightLab VR Pro, enables researchers and developers to delve into human visual behavior within VR environments. SightLab VR Pro comes equipped with ready-to-use templates that facilitate the setup of eye tracking experiments, eliminating the need for extensive coding.

Post-experiment, the software aids in visualizing the collected data through heatmaps, scan paths, and session replays. Users can either immerse themselves in a detailed review of raw data or utilize the built-in tools for a more graphical or summarized analysis.

Mapping Facial Expressions to Avatars

Face Tracking Example Video

Face Tracking Mirror Demo Tutorial

Face tracking is another forte of the Meta Quest Pro. SightLab VR Pro's templates permit the mapping of facial tracking data onto custom avatars, providing a real-time, virtual mirror of the user's expressions. It meticulously captures and records data from 60 facial tracking points, which can be further analyzed or visualized to understand facial expressions and their nuances within a VR context.

Precision Hand Tracking and Interaction

Link to Video

Hand tracking on the Meta Quest Pro is impressively fast and accurate, capturing a plethora of data ranging from finger flexion to intricate gestures. With SightLab VR Pro, users can harness this data to interact with virtual objects seamlessly, employing natural hand movements. The software's template also facilitates gesture-based control of virtual menus as well as the ability to grab and interact with objects in your scene, enhancing the user interface and experience significantly.

Upper Body Tracking for Custom Avatars

SightLab VR Pro enhances the Meta Quest Pro's tracking capabilities by extending it to upper body tracking. This feature can be effortlessly integrated with custom avatars used in a session, paving the way for more holistic and realistic virtual interactions.

Mixed Reality: Blending the Virtual with the Real

Eye tracking on real world objects with Meta Quest Pro video example

Getting a model from Sketchfab into XR

The mixed reality feature in SightLab VR Pro is a breeze to set up with Meta Quest Pro. Users can superimpose 3D objects onto the real world or conduct eye-tracking studies on real-world objects by mapping collide boxes to objects in their environment. This blend of virtual and real significantly expands the scope of VR experiments and applications.

Multi-user Features and Hardware Connectivity

SightLab VR Pro stands out by allowing multi-user access to all these features, be it with 3D models or 360 videos. This multi-user feature, coupled with its ability to connect to additional hardware like physiological measurement devices from BIOPAC, amplifies the Meta Quest Pro's utility in professional, research, or experimental setups.

Crafting VR Experiments from Start to Finish

From setting up a scene, running a session, to reviewing the data, the collaboration of Meta Quest Pro with Vizard and SightLab VR Pro streamlines the entire process of creating and executing VR experiments. The easy-to-navigate interfaces and built-in templates significantly lower the entry barrier for individuals venturing into VR-based research and development.

This dynamic trio of Meta Quest Pro, Vizard, and SightLab VR Pro is not merely about VR exploration; it's about diving deep into the granular data of human interactions within virtual spaces, opening doors to infinite possibilities in understanding human behavior, improving VR interfaces, and crafting more intuitive and engaging mixed reality experiences.

For more information on how you can incorporate the Meta Quest Pro into your VR studies combined with software solutions from Worldviz, such as SightLab VR Pro and Vizard contact sales@worldviz.com

To test these out for yourself go here to download a trial version of Vizard and here for a trial version of SightLab VR Pro.

Also, see our previous write-up on the Meta Quest Pro.

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