How to Connect the Vive Focus 3 to Vizard and SightLab VR Pro with Eye Tracking

September 19, 2023

Sado Rabaudi

The Vive Focus 3, Vive’s latest all-in-one VR headset with 5K resolution, 120 degree field of view and 90 Hz refresh rate can now be connected to Vizard and SightLab VR Pro either using a cable (such as the Vive streaming cable) or wirelessly using the “Vive Business Streaming” application. Here are the steps to get this going. These instructions also cover adding the additional eye tracking add-on.  

1. Make sure both the headset and controllers are charged. You can follow the steps in this video

2. Turn on the headset by holding down the power button for 3 seconds (located on the back of the headset) and holding down the power button on the controllers for 1 second.

3. If the headset is not set up yet, you can set it up either through the Vive Manager Android or Iphone app, or within the headset itself (using the headset button).

4. Pair the controllers: The right controller is linked by pressing the Vive button and the B button at the same time. The left controller is linked by pressing the Menu button and the Y button at the same time.

5. Connect the Vive Focus to a wireless network (use the same one your desktop running Vizard is on if you want to connect to Vizard wirelessly).

6. Connect to your PC

  • Download and Install ‘VIVE Business Streaming’ on your PC. (This should also automatically come with the headset).
  • If using a cable, plug the USB 3.0 cable into both the headset and the PC and launch business streaming on the headset and the PC. If connecting wireless, just launch business streaming on both the PC and headset. Here are instructions for connecting via a cable or connecting wirelessly.

7. You can also adjust things like the bitrate and sharpening of the image in the settings. It may be necessary to run at a lower bitrate when running wirelessly and not on a fast connection. There is also Wi-Fi 5, 6, and 6E support.

8. To run in Vizard, connect as a “SteamVR” headset (either with vizconnect or direct). For more information see this article or this page in the Vizard documentation. For vizconnect, go to Tools- Vizconnect and choose the “HTC/Steam VR” preset, or using OpenXR.

9. To run in SightLab VR Pro choose the “Vive Focus 3” or "Vive Focus 3 OpenXR" option from the dropdown (Note: this requires Vizard 7.5 and SightLab VR Pro 1.9 or higher). If below 1.9.8 select "Meta Quest Pro" option to connect via OpenXR.

10. To get eye tracking to work you must first purchase the Vive Focus 3 eye tracker, which you can purchase here (you can also find it on Amazon). 

11. To install the eye tracking adapter, first remove the face cushion from the headset.

12. Turn the IPD dial all the way to the left.

13. Squeeze the eye frames together and place the adapter in the headset.

14. Reattach the face cushion.

15. Connect the eye tracker to the headset using the USB Type-C® cable. If you are connecting to a PC using a cable, you will need to have one additional USB-C cable that goes to the port on the bottom of the headset. 

16.If using OpenXR then eye tracking will work automatically. This will also allow face and hand tracking.

17. Install SRAnipal through Steam from this link. 

18. Start SRAnipal.

19. Perform an additional calibration through Steam with SRAnipal. 

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