Tech Tip: How to set up the VIVE Cosmos VR Headset with Vizard and Vizible Software

May 10, 2021

Sado Rabaudi

Here are some quick instructions on how to get your VIVE Cosmos setup and going with Vizard and Vizible.

1. Make sure Graphics Card drivers are up to date

2.Login or create a Steam account and download SteamVR

3.Go to this link and download the setup file:

4. You will need to create a VIVEPORT account to complete the setup process

5. Choose VIVE Cosmos as device

6. Follow instructions and download additional software

7. Plug in the displayport and USB cables from the linkbox to your computer, plug the power adapter in and power on the link box.

*Note: If you get an issue where the USB drivers are not recognized, unplug and plug back in the power to the linkbox

8. Place two double AA batteries in each controller and power on the controllers by pressing the Vive/Menu button (the one with the triangle icon) until they light up. If they cannot be paired, you may need to hold the Vive/Menu button+B on the right controller to pair and the Vive/Menu button+Y on the left controller to pair.

9. Next you will need to do room setup. This is now done in the VIVE Console

10. Follow the instructions to trace out your boundary and set the floor level

11. To launch from now, use the VIVE Console application (which will launch SteamVR automatically)

12. Once connected you can run the HTC VIVE/SteamVR preset from vizconnect to connect it to Vizard, but to use all additional buttons with the Vive Cosmos controller, you will need to swap out the input with the “HTC- Vive Cosmos Controller” input. To do this, open your vizconnect file, choose “Advanced” go to the inputs tab and remove the current input, then add the input - HTC- Vive Cosmos Controller. You will then need to remap the buttons for the tools, transports and gestures. See the Vizard documentation section on Vizconnect for help. 

Alternatively, you can connect using the SteamVR module. See this page in the Vizard Documentation for more details. For Vizible, simply select the VIVE Preset from your choice of hardware.

Note that the VIVE Cosmos can also be used with eye-tracking with the Pupil Labs optional attachment. This would allow you to perform eye tracking experiments with Vizard as well as collect and record eye tracking data using the VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab. 

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