How to Setup the Vive Pro 2 with Vizard and SightLab VR Pro

May 29, 2024

Setting up the VIVE Pro 2 VR headset to run with Vizard and SightLab VR Pro involves several steps to ensure optimal performance and an immersive experience. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to set up your VIVE Pro 2 VR headset:

Installing Software

1. Download and install the latest VIVE and SteamVR software from the official website[1].

2. Launch the VIVE Console application (ViveSetup.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software setup.

Connecting Hardware

  1. Connect the VIVE Link Box (2.0) to your PC using the DisplayPort cable and USB 3.0 cable[3].
  2. Connect the VIVE Headset Cable (2.0) to the Link Box.
  3. Connect the VIVE Pro 2 headset to the Headset Cable.
  4. Install the SteamVR Base Station 2.0 units diagonally in opposite corners of your play area, ensuring they have a clear line of sight to each other and the play space[1].

Setting Up Play Area

  • If you do not have SteamVR installed, you will need to do that as well. Make a Steam account and download the Steam App from this link
  • Plug in your headset and when prompted, install SteamVR.
  • Run SteamVR and do a room setup.

Adjusting VR Headset

  1. Put on the VIVE Pro 2 headset and adjust the interpupillary distance (IPD) to match your eye spacing for optimal clarity[1].
  2. Adjust the lens distance by sliding the lenses closer or further away from your eyes until the image is clear.
  3. Replace the default face cushion with a more comfortable option like the Kiwi or VR Cover replacements for better fit and field of view[5].

Optimizing Settings

  1. In the VIVE Console, navigate to "Display Settings" and change the resolution to match your GPU's capabilities, aiming for 2500x2500 or higher at 120Hz refresh rate[5].
  2. Disable automatic resolution scaling and manually set the desired resolution and refresh rate[5].

Connecting with Vizard and SightLab VR Pro

To run in Vizard you can connect the same way you connect to any SteamVR VR headset, or use the HTC Preset in vizconnect. 

For SightLab VR Pro, choose “Vive Pro 2” from the hardware configuration dropdown. You can then use your Vive Pro 2 VR headset in a custom scene.

For running the Vive Pro 2 with Vive Trackers, choose “Vive Trackers SteamVR’ from the SightLab VR Pro dropdown or the Vive Tracker preset in Vizconnect.

For more information on how you can easily set up VR Experiments using SightLab VR Pro see this page.

For more information on Vizard click here.

For help with setting up a VR Lab and how the Vive Pro 2 VR headset may fit into your custom setup contact


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