Meet us at Vision Sciences Society VSS Annual Meeting May 17-22

March 14, 2024

Please visit the WorldViz team at the Vision Sciences Society VSS Annual Meeting, May 17-22, 2024, in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

WorldViz VR will present SightLab VR Pro, a fully GUI based tool that allows users to collect, review and analyze eye tracking data with support for all the major PC based VR eye tracking devices including Meta Quest Pro, Varjo, Vive Focus 3, HP Reverb Omnicept, Pupil Labs and more. It will allow drag and drop adding of videos and 3D models, and many of the most used analytics methods are included into the provided templates.

Build a scene, run your experiment and review in minutes. Fully expandable and modifiable by using the GUI configurator or python code.

The WorldViz VR components allow integration of highly targeted VR labs, and we are happy to help customers configure their own labs, tailored to their specific needs.

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