Modifiable Experiment Template: Human Behavioral Visual Search Scenario with Biofeedback and Interactive Playback

May 29, 2024

Watch this short example video (courtesy of BIOPAC) walking you through how to run a human behavioral virtual shopping scenario experiment.

This example experiment is based on a generic WorldViz template that you can modify yourself without having to write any code. Just open SightLab VR Pro Visual Search Task Template, and import your own 3D models and designate desired target objects.

For instructions on how to create visual search experiments, please take a look at the visual search section in the SightLab VR Pro documentation.

In the example video, subjects are tasked with finding a specific product in a supermarket. The immersive scene is recorded with the full navigation path, specific shelves and products viewed, eye tracking heatmap, and biofeedback data captured with BIOPAC Acqknowledge software.

In the interactive playback mode, the entire experiment can be dynamically re-experienced in 3D with insightful data visualizations like heatmaps, scan paths, eye tracking metrics, and more.

To learn more about creating your own interactive VR experiments with advanced data capture and replay features, please take a look at Vizard, our comprehensive VR software for researchers, and at SightLab VR Pro, our easy-to-use experiment generator software for researchers. Together, these software tools give you all you need to design, run, and analyze human behavioral experiments in no time. Contact us at, to discuss live with our VR experts.

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