Neuroscientists & Architects Continue to Discover the Value of Virtual Reality

November 25, 2014

WorldViz exhibited at premier industry gatherings for Neuroscience and Architecture in Washington, D.C., and San Diego, California, respectively to demonstrate what virtual reality has to offer the professionals in those fields:

VR in Neuroscience

With virtual reality, brain and behavioral scientists can now expose subjects to stimuli that are not otherwise ethically or physically possible. Our software, Vizard, synchronizes devices that measure subjects’ neuro-physiological responses to those stimuli. Virtual reality allows for controllable virtual exposure of subjects to their phobias or lets subjects physically fly like superheros, for example. Hundreds of people at this year’s Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington, D.C. learned how researchers around the globe are using our technology: studying the relationship between stress and way-finding in cityscapes; observing how people’s behaviors change when their self-image is manipulatedunderstanding sensorimotor processes in the brain. The list continues at the WorldViz Case Studies page.

VR in Architecture

WorldViz Virtual Reality can be used to communicate architectural designs better than any other medium or technology because it affords users the ability to walk around in those 3D spaces. WorldViz exhibited at the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference in San Diego, California earlier this month to demonstrate those wide-area walking VR systems. While there, we also contributed to the 2014 Family Centered Cancer Care Design Competition, hosted by the Institute for Patient Centered Design, by visualizing the contestants’ design submissions using one of our Oculus Rift based Virtual Reality systems.

To speak with a WorldViz representative about how Virtual Reality can facilitate your research or design projects, contact us at

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