Nokia StarGazing VR Application at MWC 2016

February 26, 2016

Sandra Bergmeir

We’re excited to finally be able to announce the details of a collaborative project between Nokia and WorldViz. Nokia just unveiled their revolutionary 5G wireless network at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona . How fast is Nokia’s new 5G network? It’s capable of 19.1 Gbps. This enables co-presence virtual reality applications with virtually zero latency. Nokia and WorldViz worked together to develop a beautiful stargazing VR application with 2 users interacting remotely to show off Nokia’s new 5g network.

The demo begins on the Nokia spaceship flying in the middle of the galaxy. A star constellation comes towards the users and floats in front of them. Each user begins to connect the stars and draw the constellation with glistening star dust. Once the drawing is complete, the constellation springs to life and soars back into the cosmos. The speed of Nokia’s network enables this collaborative drawing to happen in real time with zero latency.

The application will be added to the WorldViz demo launcher for you to try it yourself.

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