PRISM Virtual Simulation Room by WorldViz Evokes a Sense of Presence in Scenario Training

April 12, 2022

With its new immersive virtual simulation room, WorldViz provides realistic and scalable training environments to healthcare professionals, improving learning retention and real-world performance.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 12, 2022 - WorldViz is pleased to launch VizMove PRISM, a turnkey, immersive, and interactive training environment.

PRISM enables programs to place students in realistic simulation scenarios by capturing real world scenes and bringing them into the training space. PRISM theaters evoke emotional responses from learners that drive engagement, performance, and retention. PRISM is used for scenario training, evaluation, debriefing, and interactive presentations.

Scalable, Realistic, Content-Rich Learning

PRISM transforms classrooms into interactive learning environments. Programs standardize the training environment as part of curriculum. Institutions even scaffold scenarios based on learner needs and training objectives, and they save on time and cost for implementing and maintaining simulation rooms. 

Peter Schlueer, President at WorldViz explains: “Traditional training methods force professionals to choose between high environmental realism and contextual control. Clinical rotations on one side, part-task trainers on the other. Scenario training marries the benefits of realism and control, and PRISM offers previously unachievable levels of scalability and an option to create localized, realistic content.”

Nursing Education at California Baptist University

Sarah Pearce, Director of Simulation & Standardized Patient Program at California Baptist University says of her experience with PRISM:

“The PRISM system allows our students to apply and practice knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to nursing education. This highly immersive and realistic environment provides our students with the opportunity to make mistakes, receive targeted feedback and then correct those mistakes in a safe learning environment prior to their entry into clinical, which in turn helps to improve patient quality and safety outcomes, through simulation based learning and education.”

Drag-And-Drop Workflow

Creating content for PRISM is easy and intuitive. Capture images and videos from anywhere with the included 360 degree camera, drag-and-drop the media into PRISM to create a scene, and enhance with sounds, lights, smells, and interactive triggers. 

Capture real scenes that are hazardous or difficult to access and train in the PRISM Theater

Multi-Sensory Interactive Training

To interact with the environment users touch walls, or activate triggers with controllers. PRISM delivers surround sound, controllable lighting, and diffused smells for enhanced realism. The experience elicits emotions, memories, and responses that improve learning retention and reliable skills performance.

PRISM hospital training environment in action with tablet control interface

Configuration Options

PRISM comes in a variety of configurations to meet specific training needs and to fit most rooms. PRISM installs high on walls and within ceilings, so rooms remain open and multi-purpose. 

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