Projection VR and CAVE TM Virtual Reality with Unity and Vizard VR Engines

November 20, 2019

Peter Schlueer

Unity Users - Get Ready for Multi-Projection VR

WorldViz is excited to announce support for multi-projection (CAVE TM) VR for both Unity and Vizard! Multi-Projection VR lets you and several others share a 3D experience without wearing bulky VR goggles. In Multi-projection VR, you still see the faces and expressions of those you're with for quality collaboration. 

The WorldViz solution supports both Unity and Vizard based solutions. The convenient immersive and interactive solution includes smooth head and hand tracking that functions similar to VR headset systems, based on WorldViz patented active-IR tracking technology. It provides a compact and elegant form factor for precise tracking of your viewpoint, eliminating the need for large rigid body marker sets on your shutter glasses.

WorldViz provides you with easy to follow, step by step guides on how to setup your Unity or Vizard project for multi-projection deployment. We also provide full expert installations of tracked multi-projection systems, from powerwalls to massive warehouse-scale CAVEs TM.

VizMove - Multi-Projector Solutions Made Easy

VizMove is a modular, customizable class of VR systems that are built per the customer’s requirements. VizMove is most commonly used for product or project showcasing at company showrooms or trade shows, remote meetings with potential clients, teammates, trainees, or for research and development purposes. VizMove is tailored to fit these use cases perfectly while being flexible enough to adapt to individual requirements. Common use cases include:

  • Showroom VR - VizMove VR provides unprecedented immersion for warehouse-scale, collaborative experiences. It can be configured with multiple 3D projectors for various levels of immersion, from single-wall to multi-wall setups with flat and curved options to seamlessly fit local requirements. It can include VR headsets - one used by the lead client for VIP experiences, or one by the presenter to a group watching the presentation via projection.

  • Trade Show VR - Trade Show VR is designed to captivate trade show audiences on a show floor. Depending on booth size and showcased content, trade show VR typically mixes VizMove VR components with specific items like local networking between multiple users and specialized or branded content.

  • R&D VR - In R&D settings, VizMove VR includes everything you need to craft immersive experiments using a wide array of data inputs. Because it is modular and customizable, it can deliver scientific-grade data output with a top-of-the-line selection of input and output devices to choose from.

  • Remote VR - VizMove VR can be configured as a rugged, all-in-one travel-ready VR system with remote connection capability, enabling immersive, next-generation communication in VR while saving travel time and cost. It comes with WorldViz’s patented, turnkey VizBox that lets anyone get into immersive VR hassle-free in less than three minutes, and with Vizible, WorldViz’s VR SaaS solution for remote business collaboration and communication.

Learn more about VizMove Projection solutions for showrooms, R & D facilities, trade shows and remote collaboration on our dedicated VizMove website.

The Unity CAVE ™ support is designed for PPT enabled Vizmove Projection Systems (dual screen) and three or four sided Multi-projection environments. Requires Unity 2018 or 2017. For other scenarios please reach out to us for how to create a custom solution. * 

For more information on this and other WorldViz products, please contact

*Certain requirements and limitations may apply. Contact us for more details.

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