Projection VR for Objective Evaluation & Biofeedback in Training Applications

December 14, 2021

Watch a preview of our latest webinar recording now on the WorldViz YouTube channel about the new VizMove PRISM virtual simulation room. To view the full webinar recording, please visit the BIOPAC webinar on-demand page. 

Our panel of experts, Daniel Tinkham and Bryce Armstrong from WorldViz, and Alex Dimov from BIOPAC guide you through virtual reality training where participants are immersed completely free in untethered Projection VR based virtual worlds while researchers measure their physiological and behavioral responses.

In this webinar recording, you learn to:

  • Understand key principles of combining untethered Projection VR with unobtrusive wireless physiological data recording
  • Mark events from the simulation in the physiological record
  • Access physiological data in the VR environment for biofeedback and control
  • Objectively measure workload, stress, and emotion
  • Set up a projection-based virtual reality simulation room
  • Analyze the resulting data

PLUS, see a demonstration performed in a VR simulation room with integrated physiological measurements and analysis.

To view all other WorldViz past webinar recordings, visit WorldViz Exclusive Webinars playlist on our Youtube.

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