Seamless Workflow From 3D Scan to VR

June 26, 2017

Sandra Bergmeir

If time is of the essence for your business, have you considered using a 3D scanner to capture an environment and experience it in VR, instead of 3D modeling it from scratch?

Whether you’re a researcher or professional, the advent of 3D scanning technology and point cloud data offers an entirely new medium for accurately capturing 3D spaces. Companies like DotProduct, Matterport, Faro & many more offer a wide range of 3D scanning devices which go beyond traditional representations such as photographs, 3D renderings, and diagrams, enabling you to truly capture and represent a space or object in real world proportions. Whether you’re an archeologist preserving an ancient ruin, an engineer evaluating a historic building for a major revitalization, or a warehouse manager plotting throughput, point clouds and scanned environments offer unprecedented opportunities for analyzing spatial data.

The WorldViz Vizard VR development platform offers the most robust and simple support for real-time rendering of point cloud data and scanned environments on the market. Vizard accepts direct import of .dp, .3dc, .asc, and .ply formats.

Get started immediately by downloading the free version of Vizard here. You can find full documentation for our point cloud integration here.

By leveraging VR technologies you can view scanned objects, locations, data and more in fully explorable, at-scale settings. Plus, with WorldViz’s new Project Skofield platform, you can instantly leverage scanned data and collaborate with remote colleagues through virtual co-presence. Simply upload your scan, create a session and then meet team members inside your point cloud from anywhere in the world.

Have any questions? Contact our sales team now or leave a post on our user forum. We look forward to helping making your project a reality.

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