Siggraph 2015 Round-Up

August 25, 2015

Sandra Bergmeir

VR steals the show at SIGGRAPH 2015

Siggraph 2015

For those of you who missed it, WorldViz teamed up with SMI to demonstrate how eye-tracking can be used within interactive immersive virtual environments at this year’s SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles, California.

The two companies jointly showed a WorldViz VizMove Walking VR system with SMI eye tracking. Attendees could walk and look around in a virtual art gallery, performing a search task, and afterwards review their complete eye gaze path within the 3D space. Biofeedback techniques including eye tracking, heart rate, or galvanic skin response, are becoming increasingly important for a diverse set of disciplines, from medicine to marketing, evidence-based design, and personnel training.

There was a lot more in the way of VR at SIGGRAPH. Big players, like Intel, AMD, and Sony, made their contributions to VR’s presence at the show along with many smaller venues and teams showing off animation tools, one-off VR experiences, 360 video stitching software, peripherals, and various graphical development techniques.

Our event highlights:

VR Village – SIGGRAPH dedicated exhibition space to cutting-edge VR and AR technology, which hosted various applications and systems like walkabout VR and collaborative immersive environments.

Stanford’s Near-Eye Light Field Display – We hope to see this technology continue to be developed over the coming years. In our opinion it better caters to the intricacies of the human perceptual system than traditional headset display technology.

Ford immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE) – Ford showed how virtual reality drives global design collaboration between teams within their company. Enterprise VR applications such as automotive design and human factors analysis are among the many professional areas WorldViz has provided solutions for over the past 14 years.

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