SightLab VR Pro - The WorldViz VR Experiment Generator for Academic Researchers

September 19, 2023

Our simple yet powerful extension to the Vizard software allows you to create virtual reality experiments and harness your data with ease.

SightLab VR Pro, a virtual reality experiment generator built on the Python based VR creation engine Vizard, offers an intuitive platform for researchers to transform complex designs into immersive VR experiments. Add stimuli such as 3D models and 360 media, run trials with single or multiple users, then collect and review the data from sources such as eye tracked VR headsets, physiological measurement devices, body tracking and more. Whether you're exploring psychology, neuroscience, or any scientific discipline, SightLab VR Pro offers a streamlined platform to visualize and interact with your hypotheses.

A Comprehensive Solution

SightLab VR Pro offers a comprehensive solution to researchers and scientists, allowing them to leverage VR technology in their experimental designs with out-of-the-box modifiable tools. Here's an overview of SightLab VR Pro's features:

User-Friendly Configuration

Users can choose between a GUI-based configurator for a more intuitive experience or delve into the built-in code to extend functionality with Python. There is also the ability to add additional Python libraries such as matplotlib, numpy, tensorflow and more using Vizard’s Package Manager tool. This dual approach ensures that SightLab VR Pro is accessible to both seasoned programmers and those with minimal coding experience.

Easy Scene Setup and Modification

The 3D world builder tool enables users to create immersive environments using 3D model assets, while the built-in GUI provides an easy way to incorporate 360 videos or images. Any scene or stimulus can then be adjusted to add things like regions or objects of interest, setting interactions, triggers, and more.

Flexible Experiment Design

Manipulate independent variables using a STIM file and use the built in STIM file reader to iterate through the conditions per trial. Measure and set dependent variables with a data logger, that can then save out raw data in csv or text files as well as be visualized in the interactive replay. This can include such things as dwell time, fixations/saccades, pupil diameter, eye openness, interactions, body tracking data and more. This flexibility enables the creation of complex experimental setups tailored to specific research needs.

Compatibility with VR Hardware

SightLab VR Pro connects to various VR hardware, including eye-tracked headsets, full body tracking systems, data gloves, projection VR systems, FNIR and more, ensuring a seamless integration with existing technology. SightLab VR Pro's integration with Biopac Acqknowledge provides the ability to connect to physiological measurement devices, bridging the gap between virtual experiences and real-world physiological responses. 

Extensive Library of Templates and Examples

Researchers can tap into a large library of included templates and examples, exploring gaze-based interactions, visual search, memory tasks, mixed reality, and much more.

Support for Art Workflows

SightLab VR Pro supports a wide range of 3D modeling program workflows, from Blender to Sketchup, Solidworks, Revit, and point cloud data, as well as bringing in avatars from many sources.Users can also leverage the emerging ability to generate content such as 3D models and panoramas using text based prompts from tools such as SkyBox Labs and CSMAI or bring in assets from large 3D content libraries such as SketchFab. 

Enhanced User Engagement

The inclusion of a large toolset, including user engagement tools such as Likert scale ratings and instructions adds layers of user engagement, enriching the quality of feedback and response.

Rich Data Analysis

The ability to save raw data, visualize it as heatmaps, scan paths, and more, offers researchers an in-depth look at their findings. Playback sessions allow for revisiting the experiments and refining insights in an interactive replay.

Collaboration and Multi-User Support

The multi-user functionality allows for multiple participants to run a session together using either 3D models or 360 media. This can then be viewed by a researcher from one server computer with an overview and playback of the collaborative session. 

VR Experiment Generation Made Easy

What sets SightLab VR Pro apart is its commitment to accessibility, flexibility, and innovation. With extensive examples and support, researchers can quickly dive into their projects, regardless of their familiarity with VR technology.

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