Study Up on VR and Metaverse With These WorldViz Webinars

November 30, 2022

Did you know that WorldViz provides a catalog of recorded webinars covering topics from multi-user eye tracking to VR for training or how to budget for your VR lab? Check out our YouTube Webinar Playlist and study up!

Over the past months and years, our technical experts and sales team have shared their VR knowledge with you through carefully curated webinars, which all are available as recordings. It is a great way to browse VR topics and study up on things VR you always wanted to know more about.

See all recent webinars on our Virtual Reality Events Page. Here are just a few recent topics:

How to Setup Multi-user Eye Tracking Experiments in VR and Collect Data

We teach you how to set up and perform multi-user eye tracking studies in VR using Python and a GUI based configurator. We explain drag and drop methods for adding 360 videos and 3D models, and demonstrate analytics methods with associated templates. At the end of this session participants know how to insert their own 3D geometry or 360 video in VR scenes, generate 3D visualizations of the scene and gaze path, extract gaze intersects, view an interactive session replay, save out raw data, and modify the template using their own target objects and parameters. We also show how you can easily customize and add unique metaverse level avatars and perform interactions across remote locations or local LAN in an eye tracking study.

WorldViz gaze direction visualization in the Vizard VR software

Projection VR Integrated With Physiology Training Applications, Objective Evaluation & Biofeedback

Projection-based virtual reality provides a powerful, immersive medium that makes running and experiencing VR applications easy by eliminating the need for heavy headgear or cables. With unobtrusive wireless sensing technology, users remain completely free and untethered while researchers measure their physiological and behavioral responses in training simulations and a variety of other scenarios that benefit from immersive technology. Alex Dimov, from BIOPAC, and Daniel Tinkham and Bryce Armstrong, from WorldViz guide you through virtual reality training where participants are immersed in virtual worlds while meaningful data is collected.

WorldViz Projection VR Solution at Texas A & M University

In Depth Look Into the New Features of Vizard 7

In this webinar, we demonstrate the new features of Vizard 7. Topics include: upgrading from Python 2 to 3, the new Manus Prime 2 gloves, Pupil Labs, Vive Cosmos, writing your own hardware plugin, using the arc teleport transport, avatar workflows, and more. See how you can leverage Vizard 7’s upgraded features for your experiments!

Eye Tracking and Biofeedback in Virtual Reality

We demonstrate how to set up a VR experiment using eye tracking and biofeedback measurements for Neuroscience R&D labs. See how you can easily perform analytics and use your own objects and environments. The webinar includes a live demo using WorldViz SightLab VR Eye Tracking software, BIOPAC physiological measurement equipment and eye tracked VR headsets including the Vive Pro Eye, Pupil Labs and the StarVR One headset with a wide 210 degree field of view and built-in eye tracking.

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