Tech Tip: How to remotely connect with your business colleagues in VR

April 13, 2020

Sado Rabaudi

Vizible is a remote collaboration and presentation tool for Virtual Reality by WorldViz. It allows you to create and run VR presentations with no coding involved. In this quick tutorial we will show you how you can run a Vizible session with up to 6 users in VR, while using an online meeting tool (such as “Zoom”) to present this VR session for hundreds of more attendees, who can then view it on their 2D monitors. The current limit for the largest size participant option with Zoom is 500. 

For help with getting started with using VR for your business or for obtaining a subscription to our VR Creation Tool “Vizible”, contact 

1. Download and install Vizible on each computer that will be running the session

2. Create a new presentation using the Presentation Designer Tool. Open Presentation Designer, login with your credentials and go to “New Scenes”- “Blank Scene” to create a new scene

3. Schedule your session and choose a starting and ending time

4. All other attendees will login using the “Vizible Attendee” shortcut. Each attendee can choose which VR hardware they are using, but make sure to have the attendee that is hosting the Zoom session choose the “Desktop” option. This will act as a camera so that all participants in the Zoom meeting can get a good vantage point of the VR session. 

5. Download and install Zoom from 

6. Login and schedule a new Zoom meeting

7. Copy the invitation text and send out your invitations

8. Once everyone has joined and you have started your meeting, the attendee that is running a “Desktop” mode version of Vizible can share their screen for the attendees to view the session! 

Note: If you are using another online meeting tool (such as GoToMeeting or any of the other options), the process is similar, as long as the tool allows a “screen sharing” option. 

NOTE: If slow connections are causing frame rate issues in how the VR session is playing back on the shared screen, another option you can try is to face your webcam towards the screen running in desktop mode and then share your webcam. 

For help with getting started with using VR for your business, please contact

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