Tech Tip: Manus VR Prime 2 and Prime X Gloves Setup

July 12, 2021

Sado Rabaudi

The Manus VR Prime II Data Gloves combined with Vizard allows users to experience full hand tracking in VR. Interact and grab objects including the use of physics based interactions and gesture inputs. Easily add to any scene with Vizard’s vizconnect Manus VR integration. Click here to see a video of the Manus VR gloves being used in Vizard. 

For more information on using the Manus VR Gloves with Vizard, see the following Vizard documentation page

For more information on the Manus VR data gloves visit their website at

To access the latest version of Manus Core (the software needed for running the Manus gloves) sign up and login to the Manus resource center here.

Vizconnect and Vizard Script files:

Click here to access some sample Manus Glove files and vizconnect configurations

(this is a default setup that is most commonly used)

Note that at times the offset may need to be changed for the hand. This is usually the “pre-pitch” and might need to be set to “90” or “0”. This can be accessed by opening the vizconnect file, clicking on “go directly to advanced options”, then on the “trackers” tab clicking on the “offsets” button.

Steps to get running:

  1. Plug in USB Manus VR dongle. When you receive your Manus VR Gloves they are already paired with the provided dongle.
  2. Place batteries in gloves.
  3. Turn on gloves by sliding  the power switch (making sure they are charged). Note: If they are not on, Vizard will display an error message.
  4. Run The Manus Core software to calibrate and check data.
  5. To calibrate, press the calibrate button, select right or left hand and follow the prompts.

To use the Manus gloves with a Vive tracker (most common method), select the “HTC Vive” preset in vizconnect, and then swap out the two hand controllers with Vivetrackers. Next, add “Manus VR'' as an input. Lastly, you can map gestures in the avatar tab to the Manus glove and then, under the tools tab, map the Manus gestures to initiate tool actions (such as a grab). Or use the sample vizconnect file provided.

To use the Manus gloves with a glove model with articulated fingers this code is added to the postinit section of your vizconnect file:

If you want to track the fingers from one of the avatars included with Vizard, you can use this code:

Physics Based Interactions (Note: this is largely untested and may have some issues)

For physics based interactions, you can use this vizconnect file that has collide boxes attached to each hand bone. Feel free to make your own vizconnect file if you wish to use another hand model by using the following code for each bone you want to add a collision box to:

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