Time Shifting to 4300 BC with WorldViz VR

November 26, 2013

German students from University of Applied Science at Konstanz used WorldViz Virtual Reality technology to give children the opportunity of experiencing a UNESCO world heritage site in a lifelike and engaging immersive environment:


The prehistoric lake dwellings at Lake Constance, Germany from the Stone and Bronze Age are famous for their archaeological importance. The site is an example for the challenge museums around the world are facing of how to bring the past to life where excavation results produce little exhibit material or physical reconstruction is prohibitively expensive.

Using state-of-the-art WorldViz Virtual Reality software and hardware, a group of students brought the Stone Age village back to life for a museum installation event:

Visitors were invited to don a 3D headset and time travel back to 4300 BC, experiencing a fully immersive and interactive high-end reconstruction of the site. The project demonstrated the endless possibilities of using Virtual Reality for highly educational and audience attracting museum applications.

The German newspaper “Suedkurier” reported: “The word ‘spectacular’ barely describes this project properly. In cooperation with the US company WorldViz, the world leader in 3D visualizations, and the state office for historic preservation Baden-Wuerttemberg the students were able to revive the long lost stilt houses on the computer.”

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