Updates to Vizible: Parenting Assets, Copying Assets, New Avatars, and More

December 4, 2017

Gabe Baker

Vizible is our VR creation and collaboration tool that lets people easily create immersive VR experiences and experience them with people around the world for real time communication and collaboration in virtual reality. We're making improvements to Vizible all the time, and this post highlights just a few of the recent updates. Want to try Vizible? Sign up here.

Parenting Assets

Now in the Vizible Presentation Designer you can create "parent-child" relationships between assets in your VR presentations. You can link assets to each other, making it easy for you to move, rotate, and scale them all at once. Also, when you create an animation or other behavior on the "parent" asset, it will flow through to the "children" assets as well. If you're triggering an animation and want to raise four different window assets, you can use parenting so that you only need to animate one "parent" window, and not all four (so long as the others are set as children). Here's a GIF of me parenting two 3D models together so that when I rotate one, it also rotates the other.

Copying + Renaming Assets

A big ask from our users was the ability to copy assets throughout your presentation. Beyond copying objects themselves, you can also copy "actions". That way, if you have an animation or other behavior on an object and want to copy that action to another one, you can right click and select "copy action" on an object and then paste it onto another one. To access these features, just right click on an object and choose either "copy component" or "copy action".

You can also now rename assets in your asset libraries to give you more control over asset organization.

New Avatars

Now you can change the representation of yourself in Vizible. You do this by dropping in Presenter and Attendee standins, right clicking on them, and selecting "Avatar Representation". This provides a drop down where you can choose between the robot (our previous avatar) or "Glo-Man" a new avatar. This is only a small step forward with respect to avatar differentiation, and we'll be doing more work on this front in the future. With respect to getting the architecture in place for changing avatars, this lays the groundwork. If you have specific requirements for avatars, reach out and we can work with you to make it happen.

A Few More Goodies

Sometimes users accidentally disable their microphones when inside Vizible, and now we've built a visual indicator into Vizible so that you can tell when someone's microphone is enabled or disabled. Just look to the right of their nametags.

Additionally, we've built a plugin infrastructure so that we can build third party plugins into Vizible. We've got some incredible plugins on the docket that we'll be releasing in the months to come. If there's custom functionality that you'd like to see in Vizible, reach out and we can make it happen.

To see the full release notes for the new Vizible build, check the "Release Notes" section of the Documentation tab in your Vizible dashboard.

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