VentureBeat: WorldViz Could Make Holodeck a Reality

April 22, 2015


Intel’s latest investment could make holodeck-like experiences a reality,” writes Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat about WorldViz. “Intel’s investment… speaks highly of WorldViz’s comprehensive approach to virtual reality, which I’ve witnessed firsthand.”

During his visit with WorldViz earlier this year, Dean experienced our Vizard software based immersive wide-area walking virtual reality tech: “It was so realistic that I almost lost my balance… These are pretty cool VR effects that go beyond what you normally see in the space.”

Venture Beat cites Digi-Capital’s projection that the Augmented/Virtual Reality market will burgeon to a $150 billion industry by 2020 and disrupt the mobile industry. WorldViz will be working with Intel to drive the worldwide surge of interest in virtual reality within professional industries like design visualization, architecture, and research.

Read the WorldViz press release on Intel Capital’s investment here.

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