Virtual Reality Projection Solutions for Research

January 8, 2021

Peter Schlueer

VR is not just headsets. For researchers, 3D projection systems come into play when an interdisciplinary VR center approach is the goal, when you want to freely explore large datasets in groups, or when obstructing headgear is not an option for your experiment.

More and more, researchers and universities opt for 3D projection systems when equipping their facilities with VR capabilities, often combining it with VR headsets to meet a broader set of requirements across multiple disciplines.

Thinking About VR Across Disciplines 

The use of VR projection for academic research has rapidly broadened in recent years, now advancing academic achievements from human perception and cognition research to social psychology, learning and workforce/safety training research, media and entertainment, engineering, architecture and design review, medicine, geology and more.

Universities respond to this broader use case of VR by establishing interdisciplinary VR centers in addition to targeted VR labs.

Georgia State University’s Interdisciplinary Approach with WorldViz

A successful example is Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII), designed to build  connections between creative students and the entertainment and information industries. Its focus is on advanced technology workforce training, building a national model for media entrepreneurship and collaborating with media and arts industry partners.

The WorldViz CMII VR installation stretches across three distinct spaces on the first floor of the Creative Media Industries Institute, including a wide-area motion capture stage and a 44 ft long WorldViz Projection VR system, as well as four collaborative backpack-based VR headset systems.

This broad VR approach ushers in a new era of immersive technology for the university and city, accelerating workforce development, research, and creative efforts while positioning GSU to be a leader in the emerging VR/AR/MR space.

Projection VR Research System Options
Single Powerwall

A single-projector system transforms a wall or screen into an immersive environment. Ideal for design review and easily combined with VR headsets, this system can also be taken on the road for tradeshows, presentations, and more.

  • Single projector system for low profile installations
  • Transform a wall or screen into an immersive, interactive environment
  • Portable options available for trade shows and on site presentations

Two-Wall Corner Projection 

A corner projection system features two projectors seamlessly blended across the corner of a room to create an over-180-degree field of view, offering a superior immersive experience at a competitive price with a low physical footprint.

  • Our most popular and cost-effective projection system
  • An easy-to-implement solution that nevertheless provides an impressive level of immersion
  • Minimal physical footprint allows for flexible installation options

Multi-Sided CAVE

A custom multi-wall VR projection for research installation features a scalable number of projectors to create immense wraparound displays. We can engineer this system to fit the contours of your space - from three walls to an entire warehouse-scale experience. 

  • Customized and extended Projection VR research systems to create a unique installation
  • Features multiple projectors that contour to your facility
  • 3-sided and 4-sided options available to create complete wrap around immersion

Remote Collaboration with Projection VR for Research

Your VR projection system for research can link to the world at large with WorldViz’s Vizible software. Vizible is a VR creation and collaboration software that lets multiple users from anywhere in the world collaborate and communicate inside of immersive experiences.

With Vizible, you can easily create remote co-presence between individual VR headset users such as students in their homes and VR projection systems where a teacher may be located.

In addition to its built-in collaboration features, Vizible requires no programming to create fully interactive VR experiences which can then be shared around the world, enabling a wide user base of students, researchers and professionals to create compelling VR content with little or no technical background. Vizible empowers academics to conduct collaborative meetings, to provide distance training or education, and to hold immersive global events.

To learn more about whether VR projection for research is right for you, please contact us at

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