Why Virtual Reality Training Applications are the Answer

November 24, 2020

Peter Schlueer

Did you know that WorldViz is an experienced developer of custom multiplayer virtual reality training solutions that can be deployed at your corporate office as well as at your home office?

Training is a critical part of everyday life, in government and business processes alike. But with home office work becoming a new standard and costs rising, enterprises are pursuing new high-tech solutions to empower remote training, hold down expenses, and ensure safety.

With scientifically backed experience in virtual reality training solutions, we have been serving Fortune 500 corporations with diverse training needs from retailers to fast food brands, equipment manufacturers to defense contractors with customizable scalable VR training solutions.

Training Benefits from VR Presence

We’ve fine-tuned our virtual reality training solutions to excel at providing the nutrients for meaningful learning that can be deployed remotely into employee’s home offices: We’re designing solutions to maximize the benefits of VR, such as learning by doing, evoking presence and a sense of place, providing arousing and emotional experiences, and combining rich 3D visualizations with rich 3D sound. 

“Your home office becomes the corporate training facility as soon as you put on the VR headset. And the sense of presence you get is mindblowing.” Daniel Tinkham, Head of Sales, Americas, WorldViz

Learn more about the underpinnings of meaningful training with virtual reality in our in-depth blog post about the topic.

Download our fact sheet “How to Enhance Training, Cut Costs with Virtual Reality”.

And please contact us at sales@worldviz.com for a free consultation call about your remote VR training solution program.

End-to-End VR Training Solutions

We’re an end-to-end solutions provider, meaning we deliver every aspect of a VR training solution from start to finish. That includes custom systems based on our VizMove product line, our VizBox shippable VR system for remote VR training, our custom application design & development, integration, training, and support options.

If you're starting a virtual reality program or department in your organization, or you need to deploy training to your employee’s home offices, then we're the ones you should rely on. Visit our showcase page to see some exciting past projects.

Rockwell Collins - Distance Based Learning and Aircraft Maintenance

For several years, Rockwell Collins has been using WorldViz VR tools throughout different departments. Rockwell’s main focus and goal for VR is to scale training by widening access to limited and/or expensive and specialized training locations. Additionally, providing immediate remote access to centrally located maintenance experts for training and customer support.

An application built by WorldViz for Rockwell includes the debugging of an avionics problem using diagnostics in the Pro Line Fusion cockpit displays and virtually changing out a faulty electronics box from a Beechcraft King Air. Along with eliminating the revenue loss of parking an aircraft for a training session, the virtual trainer is also meant to address a shortage of avionics instructors - today they have to physically fly to an increasing number of customer locations around the globe to conduct the training. With the use of WorldViz products, instructors can stay in one place and interact with a dozen or more students in a day. 

Hospitality Industry Training Use Case

A major fast food brand sought a next-generation training tool that augments existing, hands-on training methods by implementing a fully immersive, VR training program for new hires. WorldViz provided a solution that gives new hires “hands-on” practice time to learn the food assembly process, even when there is limited access to physical stores or ingredients.

The result is a significantly accelerated timeline for training new hires in emerging markets and additional cost savings surrounding associated travel expenses.

Trainees are addressed by a unique in-scene avatar who can interact with all of the 3D props in the scene and they are instructed to duplicate the avatar actions before the VR exercise loops through a minimum set of error-free repetitions of a timed assembly process for different menu items according to randomized menu codes.

Retail Industry Onboarding Training Use Case

WorldViz was contracted by a leading US retailer to provide a scalable proof-of-concept onboarding training VR solution capable of augmenting current new associate training methodologies with virtual reality based training with the goal of achieving faster, more efficient, and less costly new hire onboarding.

WorldViz developed a set of discrete custom VR simulations that immerse trainees in interactive experiences familiarizing them with various aspects of the corporation’s global fulfillment picking process. The solution lets trainers assess if trainees have sufficiently mastered the material to be able to assume independent responsibility on the warehouse or store floor.

The WorldViz team used both rotoscoped and pre-recorded avatars for this solution, depending on desired outcomes. A rotoscoped avatar is a live actor, recorded and integrated into a virtual scene via green-screening, appealing to the user most realistic and relatable. A pre-recorded avatar is a computer generated model that receives its movements and voice from a real actor who can interact with a computer generated environment albeit appearing less relatable and more abstract.

WorldViz delivered this custom, real-time, interactive VR trainer on the WorldViz Vizible collaboration software platform and deployed it on the WorldViz VizBox patented portable virtual reality system for professionals. Learn more about these in the next section.

Remote VR Software Deployment with Vizible

We build our VR training applications on the architecture of WorldViz’s Vizible no-coding collaboration software solution, enabling the client to build interactive applications via a “drag & drop” user interface. All Vizible content is automatically multi-user without any additional development effort. The application can easily be copied and edited to accommodate new additions or subtractions to the overall experience. 

Remote VR Hardware Deployment with VizBox

WorldViz deploys many of its custom VR training applications on the VizBox, WorldViz’s pre-calibrated solution for delivering fully interactive, 6DoF VR content. The VizBox is rugged enough to be shipped fully integrated and is low effort to set up as it is ready to go out of the box. All the necessary hardware, including the rendering computer, is self-contained in a hard-sided Pelican case for easy transportation from site to site. Aside from VR headsets, we also deploy VR training solutions using 3D projectors and screens, eye-trackers, feedback devices, motion capture and more.

Our 3D Art Creation Process

Our team of incredible 3D artists and photogrammetry experts builds the custom 3D objects for your VR training application either via 3D content creation tools such as 3DS MAX or via photogrammetry, a method of reality capture where objects are photographed from multiple angles and the photos are digitally stitched together to create a photorealistic 3D model of the object.

Are you ready to try VR for your training program? Contact us at sales@worldviz.com for a free consultation call.

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