Vizard 7 Now Available With Upgraded Python Version and More! 

December 14, 2020

Sado Rabaudi

Last week WorldViz announced the next major upgrade to our Vizard software, Vizard 7, which features an upgrade to the supported Python version, update to the visual studio version needed for writing plugins, arc teleport transport methods, and much more! The release has been well received from the community and we are excited to continue to be a world leader in creating Virtual Reality software for researchers and enterprise clients. 

With an update to Python 3.8, users can now access an even wider range of Python community libraries. Using the built in Package Manager you can easily search and install Python libraries directly into Vizard. Vizard 7 also now includes a handy conversion tool, to convert your existing Vizard projects from Python 2 to Python 3.

For advanced users, Vizard features an updated SDK with support for Visual Studio 2019, making it easier than ever to write custom hardware drivers and extend your application.

In addition to Vizard’s extensive built in functionality, users can now navigate any scene with a built in arc teleport which allows seamless navigation of larger distances in VR while eliminating any motion sickness. 

New hardware integrations include the latest version of Pupil labs as well as the new Manus Prime 2 data gloves and the Vive Cosmos controllers. 

Vizard 7 includes new avatar workflows from Microsoft, Reallusion and more for high quality social interactions in VR and advanced multi-user applications.

Increase the power of Vizard by choosing from add-ons, such as the VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab, a series of easy to use templates for creating eye tracking experiments and the Live Characters plugin, for connecting to real time motion capture devices through Motion Builder

Vizard 7 features include the following:

  • Upgraded to Python 3.8
  • Upgraded Visual Studio 2019
  • Arc teleport transport with snap rotation
  • Python 2 to 3 conversion tool
  • Support for Vive Cosmos controllers
  • Support for latest version of Pupil Labs 
  • Support for Manus Prime 2 data gloves
  • New, updated avatar workflows 
  • Updated vizconnect configurations with support for latest hardware
  • And more

For more information on how to try or purchase Vizard, visit our website at or contact 

Current Vizard users with a qualified support contract will be upgraded for free. If you are a current Vizard user and do not have active support, please contact to inquire about a discount for acquiring a support contract. 

To learn more see the video below: 

Interested users can get started today for free at, or contact WorldViz 

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