WorldViz and BIOPAC Release New Tool for Studying Human Emotion

November 25, 2014


WorldViz and BIOPAC announced the release of aLIAS: a Lifelike Immersive Affective Stimuli toolkit. aLIAS is a budget-friendly research toolkit that takes experimental investigation of emotion and attention to a new level. The system uses WorldViz’s Vizard VR Software to combine immersive Virtual Reality with BIOPAC’s biometric devices to record physiological responses to various custom or pre-designed stimuli. The system was developed to meet the highest standards for experimental control and ecological validity. The system can be expanded to ensure your specific experimental needs are satisfied.


  • Oculus Rift HMD
  • Portable PC
  • WorldViz Vizard Virtual Reality Software
  • aLIAS source code
  • BIOPAC MP150 (includes software)

WorldViz and BIOPAC demonstrated aLIAS at the Society for Neuroscience’s 2014 annual conference in Washington, D.C. this past month.

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