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November 19, 2019

Sado Rabaudi

Are you stuck on how to accomplish a specific task or troubleshoot an item with a WorldViz product? We have many resources to help! To learn more about our various support options, including extended gold and silver support, contact 

Click on “Support” on our website and you can find the following items: 

The Vizible Knowledge base is a searchable database on how to perform functions and use the tools of Vizible- our no-coding VR creation solution. Here you will find things like how to use Presentation Designer, how to host and attend a session, importing various media types and more! 

An extremely useful and detailed documentation on how to use Vizard, Worldviz’s VR creation platform for researchers. Find tutorials, reference sections, example code, and a whole lot more! The sections of the Vizard Reference are broken down by feature: lights, animating with actions, etc. Each section has a Basics page that provides code snippets of the most common tasks. Reference sections also have a page that lists commands associated with a feature.

A collection of articles on secondary tools, real world workflows and use cases that go further than what's found in the core manual. Categorized into Art Workflow, Scripts, Hardware, and Addons. 

Connect with the Worldviz online community and get help from other users on topics related to Vizard, PPT, creating your own plugins, as well as general announcements. Post a question on something you are trying to accomplish and get answers from a variety of sources. 

This is the place to go if you have questions on how to setup and/or troubleshoot your Vizmove system. You can also get general information on Vizmove components as well. Find detailed guides related to Projection VR, Walking VR and the other various hardware components of our Vizmove systems. 

A great source of video tutorials related to Worldviz products. Subscribe and be updated when new ones are added. 

Have a quick question or want to connect? Feel free to connect on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or YouTube! 

These are just some of many of the ways you can get help using your Worldviz products. For more information see our support page at or contact 

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