WorldViz Introduces Vizard To San Francisco VR Developers

November 25, 2014


“With hundreds in the audience and over one thousand people watching remotely, Jeremy Sarchet of WorldViz helped our community understand why WorldViz is a VR industry leader.” – Matt Sonic, Lead Organizer, SFVR

Jeremy Sarchet, a lead WorldViz Software Developer, gave a demonstration at SFVR’s 7th meetup on how to quickly create a Virtual Reality application using Vizard 5, WorldViz’s Virtual Reality Software Toolkit. The presentation outlines two main advantages Vizard affords VR developers:

  1. it includes a sophisticated modeling and scene editor workflow
  2. it provides a code-less device configurator called Vizconnect that gets your devices working with your application in minutes

SFVR Fuels the VR Community, Vizard Fuels VR Content Development

SFVR is a bimonthly gathering of San Francisco’s brightest Virtual Reality developers and is one of several VR meetup groups — like VRLA and SVVR — currently fueling the burgeoning VR community. SFVR’s purpose is to provide a space for VR developers to share ideas, and WorldViz was invited to introduce Vizard as an ideal tool to fuel the creation of 3D content for Virtual Reality.

Be sure to keep an eye out for subsequent demonstrations at various Virtual Reality meetups and conferences.If you have any questions about Vizard, our custom development services, or our full Virtual Reality system packages, feel free to contact us!

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