WorldViz Optimizing VR Content Workflows in 2015

December 22, 2014

2014 commoditized VR Hardware. In 2015, WorldViz is preparing for a rising demand for VR Content.

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Content is king and virtual reality in 2015 will pose no exception. To accommodate a growing demand for immersive 3D content, WorldViz will continue to optimize VR content development workflows in the Vizard Virtual Reality Software Toolkit.

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In 2015, a rapidly growing number of users will own the consumer version of the Oculus Rift (and others, like the Sony Morpheus), new Virtual Reality peripheral devices will continue to hit the market at an accelerating rate, virtual reality meetup groups will emerge in even more cities around the world, and we predict there will be an unremitting demand for virtual reality content. We make it easy to bring both CAD-based and reality-capture-based 3D VR content into Vizard for immersive, interactive virtual reality experiences. We are especially excited about the capture of content generated using cameras and laser scanning technology (LIDAR) and the industrial use cases therein. Vizard will allow its users to seamlessly import LIDAR-based point-clouds into immersive virtual environments. You will be able to scan objects from engines to entire buildings and then experience your data remotely and immersively in minutes.

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