WorldViz Speaking Event: Enterprise VR App Development

March 23, 2015

Jeremy Sarchet, Developer

Jeremy Sarchet, WorldViz Software Developer, will speak about VR middleware at this year’s IEEE VR along with co-panelists Sebastian Kuntz of Middle VR and Yuval Boger of Sensics. The event will be held in Arles, France, March 23-27, and the panel discussion will be held at 8:30pm on Friday, March 27.

Mr. Sarchet has led WorldViz Virtual Reality projects with Lockheed Martin and Stanford VHIL. He previously spoke at SFVR about the advantages of Vizard’s dynamic workflow. Mr. Sarchet’s talk, entitled Vizard VR Toolkit: Rapid Development for Enterprise Applications, will center around sensibilities, recent advances, and the value of VR development tools from his perspective as a member of Vizard’s R&D team.

The IEEE Virtual Reality 2015 conference, which will be the 22nd of its kind, is the premier international conference and exhibition on Virtual Reality. Top experts from various VR-related fields will talk research, share insight, and show off their latest developments.

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