WorldViz Speaks at Fontys VR Symposium

January 22, 2015

Co-founder Matthias Pusch to speak about VR Tech Trends

Matthias Pusch

How will consumer VR devices and peripherals, which are currently booming, influence Enterprise VR? That is what Matthias Pusch, WorldViz co-founder and EVP of Business Development, will be exploring in his speech at this year’s Fontys University VR Symposium in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The talk will be held at 3:30pm on Tuesday, January 27th. Save the date! Matthias has followed the VR industry closely for well over a decade and has developed business relationships with many of the foremost VR device manufacturers in the market today. Don’t miss his unique insight into the fast evolving world of Virtual Reality!

List of Speakers:

Robert van Liere — January 27 @ 9:30am  “Virtual Reality: from vision to real systems”

Maggie Klessens — January 27 @ 10:00am “Radiotherapy skills in a virtual environment”

Elvira Vos — January 27 @ 11:30am “Three-dimensional ultrasound volume ratio improving cosmetic result after breast cancer surgery”

Huub Hamers — January 27 @ 12:00pm “MobVR, an autonomous and mobile immersive virtual environment simulation system”

Karolien van den Akker — January 27 @ 12:00pm “Conditioned desires to eat in Virtual Reality”

Dr. Jon R. Pluyter — January 27 @ 2:00pm “Surgical Simulation Training to Improve Lives”

Alex Dimov — January 27 @ 2:30pm “A lifelike immersive affective stimulation system”

Matthias Pusch — January 27 @ 3:30pm “Enterprise VR going mainstream: Consumer components are now driving a new wave of VR – how will this influence Enterprise VR applications?”

Dr. Marnix van Gisbergen — January 27 @ 4:00pm “The story about research at NHTV University of Applied Sciences”

Click here for a full list of the speakers at this year’s Fontys VR Symposium.

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