WorldViz Vizard VR Software and Varjo Headsets Push Boundaries for Academic Researchers

August 22, 2023

With Vizard, the all-in-one VR software development platform for academic research by WorldViz, and the human-eye resolution VR headsets by Varjo, human behavioral researchers have a powerful solution available for creating the most advanced experiments requiring high ecological validity.

We are pleased to announce the native integration of the Vizard VR software development platform with Varjo human-eye resolution headsets. In Vizard’s SightLab VR Pro extension software, you can simply choose your Varjo headset from a dropdown menu, and then instantly explore your virtual environments in the correct resolution and field-of-view of your Varjo headset, and access its eye tracking features in your application.

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With the integration into Varjo headsets, Vizard users can now explore virtual environments in retinal resolution. Offering such highly realistic visual stimuli to experiment subjects expands the frontiers of many scientific fields, including human behavioral research, social psychology, spatial cognition, and perception.

Pushing the Boundaries of Experiments Requiring High Ecological Validity

Ecological validity is a measure of how well the conditions, procedures, and outcomes of laboratory studies can be extended or generalized to real-world scenarios. It is particularly crucial in the behavioral sciences, where researchers aim to understand human behaviors in the complex tapestry of daily life. Ensuring that an experiment holds high ecological validity means ensuring that its findings are not just limited to the controlled environment of the lab, but are also relevant and applicable to broader, everyday contexts.

WorldViz and Varjo have taken significant strides in this direction by fusing advanced VR software with human-eye resolution VR headsets. Here's how they specifically amplify ecological validity:

  • Ultra-High Resolution: Varjo's human-eye resolution replicates the detailed visuals one would experience in the real world. For instance, a researcher studying complex scenery can present participants with true-to-life visual stimuli, ensuring that the stimuli are as close to real-life as technologically possible.
  • Integrated Eye-Tracking: With advanced eye-tracking, researchers can gather nuanced data on where participants are looking, adding a layer of behavioral depth that might be missing in other VR setups. For example, in a study about product placement in a supermarket setting, not only can the virtual environment look real, but researchers can also precisely track which products grab the most attention.
  • Realistic Interactions: The integration of Ultraleap hand tracking allows participants to engage with the virtual environment in an intuitive manner, mimicking the way they would interact with their physical surroundings. Imagine a rehabilitation study where patients need to practice motor skills by picking up and manipulating objects. The combination of WorldViz and Varjo ensures this is done in a setting that mimics real-world challenges and constraints.
  • Customizable Environments: WorldViz’s software capabilities allow researchers to craft environments tailored to their experiments' needs. If a psychologist wanted to understand the effects of a crowded environment on a person's stress levels, they could design a bustling virtual marketplace or a jam-packed subway car, providing an environment that's challenging to replicate in a traditional lab.

Enhanced Varjo VR Headset Experiment Creation with SightLab VR Software

  • Intuitive Experiment Creation: Experience effortless design of immersive VR experiments with the SightLab VR Pro plugin for Vizard.
  • Varjo Headset Compatibility: Easily integrate any Varjo headset, and benefit from its features:
  • Utilize the intuitive drag-and-drop GUI.
  • Leverage Python for enhanced functionality.
  • Conveniently connect via a dropdown menu.
  • Instantly access advanced eye tracking data.
  • Comprehensive Tool Library: Set up experiments using a wide range of built-in tools to cater to diverse research needs.
  • In-depth Data Tracking: Capture vital behavioral metrics such as:
  • Dwell time
  • Fixations
  • Saccades
  • Interactive behaviors
  • Robust Data Analysis:
  • View and analyze raw data directly.
  • Utilize interactive replays enhanced with heatmaps, scan paths, and video recordings.
  • Employ a range of common visualization tools for better insights.
  • Multi-User Functionality: Designed for collaborative research, the software supports multiple users seamlessly.
  • Advanced Hardware Compatibility: Easily connect to sophisticated hardware tools, including FNIR and other physiological measurement devices.

Multi-User Setups Combined with Projection VR

Vizard VR software based applications can easily be scaled and extended to multi-user VR headset configurations, or even to large scale multi-sided VR projection installations combined with VR headsets for unique collaboration and group visualization. Learn more here about WorldViz VR projection solutions.

Unique Varjo VR Headset Features

Varjo headsets have a resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree, allowing research subjects to interact with true-to-life VR avatars, objects, and environments. Varjo headsets also come with advanced integrated eye tracking for easy scientific gaze direction data collection.

For most VR research purposes, we recommend the Varjo VR-3. This uOLED/LCD display has human eye resolution of over 70 pixels per degree in the center field of view, resolution of 2880 x 2720 px per eye, 115 degrees field-of-view, a refresh rate of 90 Hz, built-in eye tracking, built in Ultraleap hand tracking, automatic IPD, and camera based/Lighthouse tracking/3rd party tracking options.

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