Zap Surgical Systems Uses Vizible to Showcase Their Products in VR

March 20, 2022

Peter Schlueer

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Zap Surgical Systems, a global medical devices manufacturer, uses WorldViz Projection VR to design and present virtual reality experiences that showcase their products, and we were excited to see Zap present their VR experience at the Foxconn factory opening event in Wisconsin. Read on to see why Zap was at the Foxconn event, and why they choose WorldViz VR solutions as the way to showcase their product. As you can see, it brought in quite the audience:

Left to Right: Former President Trump, Zap CEO (John Adler), Foxconn CEO (Terry Gou), Softbank CEO (Masayoshi Son)

One of Zap Surgical Systems' products is the Zap-X, a self-contained, self-shielded therapeutic radiation device aimed at treating head, brain, and neck lesions (benign or malignant). The new Foxconn factory in Wisconsin is where the Zap-X device will be manufactured in the United States. To promote this device, the VR experience that Zap showcased at the event let people see what it's like to be in the Zap-X from the perspective of a patient. Because Vizible is collaborative, another user in addition to the patient could be inside the VR experience simultaneously, guiding the "patient" through the experience and explaining various aspects of the machine. Here's a look at a short tour through the device:


Why did Zap Surgical Systems choose virtual reality as the way to showcase their product? Large products like the Zap-X are difficult and costly to transport, and Zap is a global company that gives sales and marketing presentations all over the world. Their VR experience lets people explore the ins and outs of the Zap-X device at scale in virtual reality- no shipping needed. Because Vizible is a no-coding creation and collaboration platform, it's also easy for Zap to make modifications to the experience if they want to change the flow of it or bring in additional assets (3D models, photospheres, videospheres, etc).

It’s a privilege for us to help Zap Surgical Systems join the ranks of global companies using Vizible to showcase, train, and collaborate in virtual reality.

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