Vizard 6 release

WorldViz is pleased to announce Vizard 6, the newest edition of Vizard.
Below, you can find a list of enhancements and bug fixes that are found with this update.

6.3 (June 13, 2019)

New features:

-Support for Vive Pro eye trackers

Bug fixes and other changes

-Fixes to FBX loader

-Fixes to OBJ loader

-Added <tracker>.getPupilDiameter() command to Tobii eye trackers</tracker>

6.2 (MARCH 11, 2019)

New features:

-Support for Pupil Labs eye trackers

Bug fixes and other changes

-Added ability to access thumbstick position for

Windows Mixed Reality controllers

6.1 (DECEMBER 10, 2018)

Bug fixes and other changes

- Fixes and improvements to glTF loader and workflow

6.0 (AUGUST 8, 2018)

New Features

- Support for glTF models
- Support for Tobii eye trackers
- Support for Manus VR gloves
- Support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets
- Support for nVis Scout displays
- Bug fixes and other changes:
- Added ability to load newer versions of FBX files



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