BIOPAC’s T4 Human Physiology Conference with WorldViz VR Workshops

Time of Event:

Date of Event: 

Monday, July 17 - Wednesday 19, 2023

Location of Event: 

Santa Barbara, CA

Interested in virtual reality research involving biophysiological measurements? Then this conference is for you! Master new skills through how-to workshops and hands-on demonstrations on tools, trends, techniques, and technologies at this 3-day conference in Santa Barbara, California.

The new virtual reality track of this conference, hosted by WorldViz industry experts, is ideal for researchers interested in adding VR to their research. Researchers will gain hands-on experience using the latest equipment and build skills to establish best practices to achieve research goals.

WorldViz VR will host these three workshops:

  • Virtual Reality in Research
  • How to Create a VR Experiment
  • 360 Immersive Video Workflows

Bring your laptop and prepare to be engaged! Register now with this unique WorldViz registration link that includes free access to the WorldViz VIP reception. Take advantage of early bird pricing by February 28!



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