WorldViz Webinar: Eye Tracking and Biofeedback in Virtual Reality (Part of SfN Global Connectome: A Virtual Event)

Time of Event:

12:30 PM PST / 3:30 PM EST

Date of Event: 

January 12th, 2021

Location of Event: 

Virtual Only

We will demonstrate how to set up a VR experiment using eye tracking and biofeedback measurements for Neuroscience R&D labs. See how you can easily perform analytics and use your own objects and environments. A demo will be shown using WorldViz VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab software, Biopac physiological measurement equipment and Eye tracked HMDs including the Vive Pro Eye, Pupil Labs and the new StarVR One headset with a wide 210 degree field of view and built in eye tracking.

With a few hundred Neuroscience labs using WorldViz products, we want to share our understanding of how to effectively use VR with the neuroscience community. Specifically, we will show how to use VR for controlled stimulus presentation and exact measurement of reaction. We look forward to answering any questions you have about the different applications of virtual reality in neuroscience research and beyond.

Learn more about Society for Neuroscience Global Connectome: Virutal Event here.

To view the webinar recording, please click HERE.

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