Virtual VSS 2022 and WorldViz Satellite Event: How to Setup Multi-user Eye Tracking Experiments in VR and Collect Data Webinar

Time of Event:

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Date of Event: 

Wed, Jun 1, 2022

WorldViz VR will teach participants how to set up and perform Multi-User eye tracking studies in VR using Python and a GUI based configurator. We will explain drag and drop methods for adding 360 videos and 3D models, and demonstrate analytics methods with associated templates. At the end of this session participants will know how to insert their own 3D geometry or 360 video in VR scenes, generate 3D visualizations of the scene and gaze path, extract gaze intersects, view an interactive session replay, save out raw data, and modify the template using their own target objects and parameters. We will also show how you can easily customize and add unique metaverse level avatars and perform interactions across remote locations or local LAN in an eye tracking study.

To view the webinar recording, please click HERE.

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