WorldViz Exclusive Webinar: How to Leverage VR for Training

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If you were not able to attend this webinar, check out the full recording on our YouTube Channel!

Join us for another exclusive WorldViz webinar on May 7, at 9 am PST. In this webinar we will focus on why Virtual Reality is an effective solution for training and how to build a VR training application. Our experts will show you how training in Virtual Reality has become a cornerstone of the VR industry and is being used successfully by many customers. From medical training to retail and food service training as well as safety and first responder training we will cover a large range of industries that benefit significantly from Virtual Reality.

WorldViz has hosted a variety of webinars over the last few months. If you haven’t had the chance to attend one, head over to our YouTube channel for full recordings of all of our past webinars.Subscribe to our channel for webinars, tutorials and more!



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