WorldViz Exclusive Webinar: VR for Remote Collaboration

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With many of us shifting to working from home, we are offering an exclusive webinar covering everything you need to start using VR for remote collaboration.

We will provide you with an overview of VR for remote training, meetings, sales presentations, education and research, including a live demo of a session with multiple users from different locations participating with laptops, VR headsets and even a full fledged projection VR system. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask us your questions!

Daniel Tinkham, our Director of Sales Americas, will be leading the webinar, joined by VizMove Product Manager Felix Rudert, Vizard Product Manager Sado Rabaudi, and WorldViz Co-Founder Matthias Pusch. They will be covering the following items:

  • What is Remote Collaboration in VR?
  • Value and Benefits of multi-user VR as a remote collaboration tool
  • Examples of professional applications including:
  • Industrial training
  • Team coordination, planning and design review
  • Remote and VIP sales presentations
  • Education & Research 
  • Hardware requirements for a successful remote VR session
  • How to build a VR application for remote collaboration
  • Future of VR collaboration

Looking forward to seeing you!

To view the webinar recording, please click HERE.

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