Create Multi-User VR Eye Tracking Experiments with SightLab VR Software

May 24, 2022

The new, multi-user edition of our VR eye tracking experiment creation software, SightLab VR, now lets researchers easily design and run multi-participant social VR eye tracking studies.

We are excited to present a substantial update to our eye tracking software SightLab VR: Bring multiple participants together in a social VR experiment setup while collecting eye tracking data and using powerful visualization and playback tools. Display 3D models, 360 videos or 2D images. Define areas and objects of interest and run multi-trial complex experiments that can be setup in a matter of minutes.

Two users immersed in a virtual environment while eye gaze data is being displayed and collected.

SightLab VR Multi-User, our simple yet powerful extension to the WorldViz Vizard VR software for researchers, allows you to create virtual reality eye tracking experiments and harness your data with ease. Access these proven features, but now with multi-user functionality: 

  • Build multi- or single-user experiments in less than 15 minutes, no coding required
  • Customize avatars from various sources, including ReadyPlayerMe
  • Connect across multiple networks using a VPN
  • Share gaze based interactions as well as grabbing and physics
  • Replay and review analytics from each user
  • Access extensive data output options in plain-text formats
  • Instantly connect to BIOPAC biofeedback and FNIR brain imaging software
  • Create visual stimuli with stereoscopic 3D objects or 360 video
  • Enjoy deep customization options

The SightLab VR Multi-User eye tracking solution supports VR headsets including Vive Pro Eye, HP Omnicept, Pupil Labs, StarVR One, Tobii VR and non-eye tracker PC headsets (position only) such as the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and more. You can mix and match VR headset hardware as you desire for each single user.

Shared experience while collecting physiological data with BIOPAC Acqknowledge biofeedback software integration

SightLab VR Multi-User data analysis and session replay interface

To see how you can set up an eye tracking experiment in minutes with multiple users, see this month’s tech tip for step by step instructions. 

For a quick video summarizing some of the features click here.

Are you interested in learning more about setting up your own WorldViz VR lab with eye tracking and biofeedback? Contact us at, and let’s chat!

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