Fast Company Magazine Interviews WorldViz on Non-Gaming VR

July 28, 2015

Sandra Bergmeir

Fast Company business magazine explores how virtual reality  “is a transformative technology, really changing the way people interact with computers,” as interviewee Jeff Gatis of HTC, puts it. While VR’s popularity is still primarily driven by gaming, more impactful applications lie beyond, in sectors like travel, real estate, medicine, therapy and psychology, education and learning, marketing, virtual sports, socializing, communication, design, architecture, training, vacationing, healthcare, and shopping.

Peter Schlueer, President and co-founder of WorldViz, sat down with Fast Company to discuss some of the applications of VR beyond gaming that WorldViz has broken significant ground in:


Architecture and Design: WorldViz helps architecture and design firms like Turner Construction and HKS to inspect CAD prototypes, from hospitals to airport terminals, saving professionals time and money. “Take hospital design,” Peter Schlueer says: “With our VR tech we empower surgeons and nurses to experience virtual surgery room mockups before they’re built. You can see things in full scale and modify designs in real-time, saving 90% of cost over traditional physical mockups in the process.”

Virtual Training: High risk rates of injury, and exorbitant training costs are challenging the oil and gas industry when it comes to rig maintenance and rig engineering. “Enabling workers to rehearse tasks in a realistic virtual scenario before they go out in the field has proven to decrease risk factors significantly, and helps maximize up-time of the rig” explains Peter Schlueer.

Therapy and Healthcare: VR has shown consistent successes backed by numerous research studies in phobia and post-traumatic stress disorder treatment: 


“Veterans suffering from PTSD can benefit hugely from being re-exposed in a controlled fashion to the actual environment they were traumatized by. Professionals guide them as they re-experience immersive scenarios and gradually learn to let go of trauma and fear.”

WorldViz customers are building professional virtual reality applications to solve these and many other business challenges using the WorldViz VR software development platform, Vizard. The world’s first immersion ready VR systems for professionals, VizMove, packages Vizard with preconfigured hardware for a complete VR solution.

Read the full article, “Virtual Reality Isn’t (Just) Playing Games.

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