Scientific-Grade Eye Tracking Software for Virtual Reality Research

June 15, 2020

Sado Rabaudi, Peter Schlueer

The WorldViz VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab lets you set up VR eye tracking experiments - and, it’s a seamless extension package to the Vizard comprehensive VR software for researchers.

Tracking eye movement in virtual reality at research quality has recently opened wide possibilities for academic research. At WorldViz, our goal is to make eye tracking data available to researchers in a standard manner and with as much low-level control exposed as possible across manufacturers of leading hardware.

Please be sure to take a look at this month’s Tech Tip for a video demo of how the VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab works.

Let’s dive right in how we put eye tracking data at your fingertips for research purposes. Our VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab is a simple yet powerful tool for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR that include examples for common eye tracking tasks, multi user environments, heat maps, access to a support ticketing system for professional users, and more. The VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab runs on our Vizard VR software for researchers, which allows native integration with thousands of Python libraries.

Eye Tracking Software Features

What can you do with our VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab? We’re most excited about these features:

  • Recording and playback eye tracking behavior for "after action review" including 3D path review
  • Extensive data analytics
  • 3D Visualization of data, such as heatmaps
  • User performance triggered feedback loops with eye or physiological sensor data
  • Precise timing experimental control and device synchronization
  • 360 videos and 3D files from a wide array of sources as customizable stimuli
  • Recording of gaze direction data, pupil size, fixation timings, and other low level parameters
  • And more! 

Which VR Headset to Use for Eye Tracking?

We recommend that you either just snap on the Pupil Labs VR add-on to your VR headset and then use it with our Vizard VR software and the VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab (read more about how WorldViz software works with Pupil Labs on the Pupil Labs website), or that you use the Vive Pro Eye VR headset that comes with eye tracking included, giving scientists easy access to research quality VR eye tracking. Read more in our guest blog post on the HTC Vive website about how the WorldViz eye tracking software works with the Vive Pro Eye.

Why Eye Tracking?

Are you a researcher but still not sure if you should take the leap into eye tracking? Read our deep dive blog-posts on the topic “Eye Tracking Everywhere - Why Care?” and “Is Now the Time to Buy a VR Headset With Built-In Eye Tracking?”.

For more information on the VR Eyetracking Analytics Lab, see our featured video or contact

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