The WorldViz VR Experiment Generator - New Landing Page

April 10, 2024

Check out our new dedicated landing page for SightLab VR Pro, our easy-to-use experiment generator software for researchers. It complements Vizard, our comprehensive VR software for researchers.

We’re excited about our new landing page for our SightLab VR Pro virtual reality experiment generator software, built on the Python based VR creation engine Vizard.

Especially check out the videos, like this SightLab VR Pro experiment generator tutorial!

Our experiment generator offers an intuitive platform for researchers to transform complex designs into immersive VR experiments. Add stimuli such as 3D models and 360 media, run trials with single or multiple users, then collect and review the data from sources such as eye tracked VR headsets, physiological measurement devices, body tracking and more. Whether you're exploring psychology, neuroscience, or any scientific discipline, SightLab VR Pro offers a streamlined platform to visualize and interact with your hypotheses.

Read more about the Experiment Generator at our previous blog post “SightLab VR Pro - The WorldViz VR Experiment Generator for Academic Researchers”.

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