Trade Show Cancelled? Leverage VR Conferencing Instead!

October 14, 2020

Peter Schlueer

Global cancellations of trade shows and conferences require fast action to avoid revenue loss. Technology for remote virtual reality meetings is readily available and affordable today. 

With many events and tradeshows canceled this year, virtual reality conferencing offers a great way to give face-to-face presentations to key partners and customers.

VR conferencing enables you to customize your virtual presentation for exciting and engaging experiences tailored to your audiences. That means you can bring your products and topics to life in ways that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to do at a tradeshow.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Watch our webinar recording “Replace Trade Shows by Leveraging VR” where we discuss successful examples of replacing trade shows with VR, practical implementation, a live demonstration of client meetings in VR, VR content development for successful VR presentations, and the cost of replacing trade show presence with VR.

More and more our customers are already using the WorldViz Vizible VR meeting platform and our VizBox ultra-mobile VR systems to present their solutions to VIP clients. Over the past three years of facilitating these types of virtual events, we have the experience and insight to make successful VR presentations for you.

Vizible, our low-code virtual reality collaboration software lets you 1) make virtual reality presentations, 2) gather together in VR conferencing, 3) review, analyze, edit.

How do you get started? Our scalable virtual reality conferencing pro-starter kit for $9,990 includes:

-4 hours training session via screen share 

-2 licenses for Vizible VR collaboration software subscription for the use at one conference

-2 portable/shippable out-of-the-box VR systems (PC laptop and Oculus Rift S fully integrated VizBoxes)

The time has never been better to take advantage of this up-and-coming technology. Contact us now and start your own VR conferencing with clients and colleagues today!


1) Is using virtual reality conferencing safe during the Coronavirus epidemic?

As long as you use your own personal VR headset and don’t share it with others, VR conferencing with Vizible gives you a unique opportunity to safely connect with clients and colleagues and get important business done from home, without risking Coronavirus exposure. If you or your clients and colleagues don’t have a VR headset handy, you can also connect to a Vizible meeting using your desktop PC.

2) What are successful use cases for remote VR collaboration?

Here are a number of use cases we’ve seen our clients have exceptional success with:

Selling and Presenting Complex Products

Instead of shipping or hauling demo equipment, you can convey to your prospects an incredible sense of products, capabilities and layouts in VR. See our case study on Steris Corporation, a market leader for infection protection and contamination control products to learn how they use VR to present products to prospective clients. 

Envisioning Room Layouts

Immerse your prospect in layout options of their office space/facilities so they can envision how it will look and feel once your product is installed. Obtain stakeholder sign-off early and avoid costly change orders.

Visualizing Project Processes

For example demonstrating to your client how a submarine pipeline will be laid on the seabed, including all equipment involved.

Conceptualizing Spatial Designs

Multiple people at different locations meeting in a virtual space to collaborate on designing the spatial layout of a trade show booth or evaluating the design of a shoe model. See our case study with footwear brand Deckers.

3) What training do I need for my employees to use the Vizible virtual reality software and system?

WorldViz provides a 4 hour training course that will get your team proficient in creating virtual reality presentations, holding remote VR meetings, and using the VR system.

4) Do I get (VIP) support for my VR conferences with customers?

Yes, we offer different tiers of support that will get you access to our experts ensuring your VR meetings run smoothly.

5) What virtual reality equipment do I need to use VR conferencing?

To get started, two “VizBox” VR systems and a subscription to the Vizible VR software.

6) How do I get started with virtual reality conferencing?

Contact us using our contact form and please let us know how you plan to use VR in your business and how many employees you want to start using it with. We’ll set up a call with you promptly.

7) How many people can meet in the Vizible virtual reality software at the same time?

Vizible supports up to 6 people simultaneously.

8) How can I sign up for the Vizible VR software and how much does it cost?

First, please contact us using our contact form and describe your use case. Subscriptions start at $250 per month.

9) Can I participate in a VR conference without a VR headset?

Yes, with a gaming desktop PC you can participate in a Vizible VR conference as an observer and view shared 3D content with your 2D monitor. Mind though that interactivity is limited and you will not have the same immersive experience as participants with VR headsets.

10) How does the WorldViz Vizible VR software compare to other VR meeting tools?

Vizible is the only collaborative VR solution that lets you 1) create your own virtual reality presentations PowerPoint-style, no coding required, 2) schedule and hold VR meetings WebEx-style, 3) get support from a professional team of VR experts with two decades track-record of providing reliable VR solutions to businesses.

11) I’ve seen many virtual reality headset brands are sold out. Is VR equipment still available?

WorldViz currently has stock available of most commonly used VR headsets. Vizible VR software works with HTC Vive, Oculus, and Windows mixed reality headsets. We anticipate to be able to supply systems for the foreseeable future.  

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