Vizible 1.3 Is Here: glTF Support, New Installer

September 17, 2018

There's a new release of Vizible, our no-coding VR creation + conferencing tool. This 1.3 update has some incredible stuff that we're excited to get in the hands of our users.

Note: you can download Vizible and get started for free by contacting us here. Vizible lets you create interactive, multi-user VR experiences with 3D models, 360 photos/videos, images, documents, sounds, and more.

glTF Model Support

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how the glTF 3D model format was changing the landscape for AR + VR creation and why we're embracing it here at WorldViz. Our first step was bringing glTF support into Vizard, our python-based VR development engine for researchers. Now, we've brought glTF support to Vizible, making it easier than ever for people to bring 3D content from a wide variety of sources into the VR experiences they build with Vizible. Check out our blog post about glTF to learn more about the growing ecosystem of tools that support glTF creation.

Our glTF support doesn't replace our support for other 3D model types - you can still use osgb, obj, fbx, etc. Also, 3D models with PBR shaders will also now render in Vizible, letting you bring more realism into your VR experiences.

When you download a glTF asset it comes in a few files. There's usually a .glTF file, a .bin file, and a folder of textures. These separate files can be packaged into one unified file, a .glb file, using a simple tool like this one. Once you've packaged your glTF into a glb file, you can then drag and drop it right into your Vizible asset library, and then drag and drop it right into any of your scenes. If you want to read more about this, check out our documentation article about bringing glTF models into Vizible.

Here's a video of me taking a model from Sketchfab, packaging the glTF as a glb, and bringing it right in to Vizible:

3D models are just one of many kinda of media you can bring into Vizible - you can also import photospheres, videospheres, images, sounds, documents, and more.

New Installer

There's a new installer for Vizible that makes it easier for users to get all the downloads they need, create an account, and get started with VR creation and collaboration. You can download the new installer by reaching out here.

Good luck building!

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