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WorldViz is the global leader in providing researchers with innovative VR solutions for research in social psychology, spatial cognition, perception, and countless other fields. Our technology enables groundbreaking experimental setups that would be impossible in the real world, while guaranteeing high experimental control and ecological validity. Check out some of the 80 papers published last year that used WorldViz technology.

Increase experimental realism without compromising control

  • Create controlled and repeatable experimental setups.
  • Manipulate the world in ways normally impossible or prohibitively expensive.
  • Integrate physiological data and biofeedback while automating analysis.
  • Perform research with a high degree of ecological validity.
  • Provide compelling sense of personal, social and environmental “presence” for subjects.

"WorldViz has helped me and my colleagues launch behavioral research into a new era." 
- Jeremy Bailenson, PhD, Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Interested in conducting research on collaborative, social VR environments, or in using virtual reality for online learning? Check out our tool Vizible.

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We've built immersive experiences and tools for incredible research institutions.

"No company understands how to deliver practical VR solutions to researchers and developers in this field better than WorldViz."

- Jim Blascovich, PhD, Research Center for Virtual Environments and Behavior, UCSB

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end-to-end research tools

Our VR systems give researchers the tools to create and conduct complex VR-based research. All of our systems are powered by Vizard, which enables researchers of any background to rapidly develop their own virtual environments and author complex interactions between environment, devices, and subjects. Equip yourself with the most cutting-edge tools to design and deploy your VR experiment within days.