3D Model Workflows into Vizard

September 28, 2022

Sado Rabaudi

Importing from various 3D model programs and sources into Vizard is a great way to get existing content into your Vizard application. Here is a quick overview of the suggested workflows from some common programs and sources. For more information, please see the Vizard documentation section on 3D models.


Our most up to date Vizard workflow focuses on Physical Based Rendering (PBR), especially through the use of GLTF format (.gltf, .glb) which imports with PBR materials automatically. Other file formats currently require additional setup to use PBR.

Export Options

CAD / Architecture Modeling Software

Revit (Extension - .rvt)

  • Export options: Simlabs, Sketchfab Exporter, native FBX export, PIXYZ
  • Suggested workflow: GLTF via PIXYZ
  • Note: Sketchfab exporter requires Revit 2018.1 and above

SketchUp (Extension - .skp)



  • Export options: Simlabs
  • Suggested workflow: GLTF via Simlabs

Polygon Modeling Software

3DSMax (Extension - .max)

  • Export options: Bablyon.js, Sketchfab exporter
  • Suggested workflow: GLTF via Babylon.js 

Blender (Extension - .blend)

  • Export options: gltF exporter
  • Suggested workflow: Built in glTF exporter

Maya (Extension - .ma)

  • Export options: Babylon.js, Sketchfab exporter, Ziriax
  • Suggested workflow: GLTF via Babylon.js

Modo (Extension - .lxo)

  • Export options: Native
  • Suggested workflow: Native GLTF exporter
  • Note: You must setup your materials for gltf in Modo first


Substance Painter (Extension - .spp)

  • Export options: Native GLTF exporter
  • Suggested workflow: Native GLTF exporter


  • Export options: glTF, FBX exporter
  • Suggested workflow: GLTF download option. See Sketchfab to Vizard


  • Export options: FBX exporter
  • Suggested workflow: Best used in a “high poly to low poly” workflow by an expert user


  • Export options: FBX exporter
  • Suggested workflow: FBX exporter

*Note: Can convert to glTF after export can use an online tool

Point Clouds

For information on how to bring point cloud data into Vizard, please see this knowledge base article.


Avatar models can be brought in if they are in either the .fbx, .glTF or .cfg (cal3D) format. See this article for information on bringing in avatar models into Vizard. 

We hope you liked this quick overview of bringing in 3D models into Vizard. Other content from additional sources will work as well if the format is one of the supported file types, preferably .glTF or .fbx. 

You can also bring in content such as 360 videos (stereoscopic and monoscopic), 2D videos, images, audio (3D and stereo), and more. 

To see how you can import your existing content and get started using Vizard for your own VR application, please contact us at

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